Carbon Sequestration Model - how to get future LULC map

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Good day, Researchers,

I want to find out what type of data can be inputted into the
“Future” Landuse Land over (LULC)Data, section, In the InVEST Carbon Sequestration Model builder.

—And how can the Future Land cover data be sourced for

— Also will the result of the carbon sequestration Analysis be different when you input the Future Land Cover data.

Thank You.

Hello @Tek77 -

The future landcover map represents a possible scenario of how the landscape will look in the future. Scenarios can come from many places, such as stakeholder engagement, a proposed land use policy, or simply showing the aging of forests over time. Creating scenarios can be very time-consuming and complex (like if you’re doing stakeholder engagement), or more simple, depending on what you are studying.

Regardless of where the scenario ideas come from, they need to have a spatial component that can be mapped. We usually start with the current LULC map and modify it in a GIS so it represents the new landscape envisioned by the scenario.

The model only creates “sequestration” results if you provide a future LULC. If you only provide a current LULC, then carbon storage will be calculated, but not sequestration.

~ Stacie

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Thank you very much for the exposition,
Much appreciated.

@swolny , I also thought, is it possible to use a generated a prediction LULC raster map generated in Google earth engine as the Future LULC data in the model?

Yes @Tek77, you can generate the future LULC using any method that is appropriate for your study.

~ Stacie

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@swolny ,
Thanks once again.

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