Coastal blue carbon - empty outputs

Good morning,

I am running the coastal blue carbon model for Delaware, to assess the effects of habitat changes caused by sea level rise on carbon emissions and stocks.

The model runs without a problem, but many of the output rasters appear to be empty:

  • Carbon accumulation rasters all have values and look correct
  • All carbon emissions rasters are empty - nothing shows up on the map, and when I symbolize by unique values, no values or fields are found.
  • Carbon stock for the baseline year has values and looks correct, but carbon stocks for all other years are empty
  • All net carbon sequestration rasters are empty

It seems like there may be an issue with the emissions calculations that is causing the carbon stock and net carbon sequestration rasters (which use the emissions rasters) to also be empty. My workspace (including log files) is available here; could you see what might be going on? I’m using this development build.

Thank you!

I think I found the issue - because I am only including soil carbon in my analysis, I had set the half-life for biomass to 0 in the carbon pool transient template csv. When I changed it to a non-zero integer, the output rasters were no longer empty. Seems that having any of the half-life values set to 0 causes a problem with a calculation, even if there are no carbon stocks or accumulation in that pool. Thanks!

Hey, great sleuthing! Yes, that makes sense … if the halflife is zero, that would make the exponent in the carbon half-life equation undefined, which could lead to some interesting internal values, including everything being treated as nodata.

We’ll look to fix this in the model for a future release by making sure that the half-life > 0.

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