Coastal Vulnerability - Area of Interest

Good morning,

My name is Julian Esteban, and I am currently doing research on the protection of mangroves from tropical storms, for this I am using the Coastal Vulnerability model, however I have an error with the "Area of Interest” layer.

For some reason, it is the only layer that shows me an error, but it does not tell me what type of error it is. My layer is a vector layer that contains 3 polygons, each polygon is an island that I am studying.

Could you please give me information about the operation of this specific layer and the necessary parameters.


Julian Esteban C.

Welcome to the forum, @Juliesca -

When does the error occur? If it happens when you are entering data into the user interface, please take a screenshot of the window with the input and the error. If the error happens after you start running the model, please post the entire log file (.txt file) that the model produces in your Workspace. This will hopefully give us more information to help diagnose the issue. Thanks!

~ Stacie