Coastal Vulnerability Population NULL

Hi everyone,

When I run the Coastal Vulnerability Model with a .tiff representing population density and search radius 5000, the resulting ‘coastal_exposure.gpkg’ as a population attribute all NULL.

The log says "462 points have a missing value after aggregating clipped_projected_pop_out_haiti_scenario0.tif because no valid pixels were found within the search radius (5000 meters) around these points. You may wish to increase the search radius input parameter, or you may wish to view clipped_projected_pop_out_haiti_scenario0.tif and the landmass polygon input in a GIS to confirm that both layers are accurate and well-aligned. "

How do I pre-process the population raster to align with the Landmass?

Thank you

Hi @simolandu , thanks for posting.

What do you see when you look at the population raster and the landmass together in GIS? The message indicates the population raster is never without 5000 meters of the edge of the landmass. They do not need to be aligned perfectly. Please also upload the logfile from your run in case there is any other useful info captured there.