Coastal Vulnerability

Questions about the costal vulnerability model, I’m using version 3.8.9:

  1. About landmass: is landmass only the land area or also part of the sea?
  2. Can the bathymetry do the interpolation of the data or do I have to do it without any processing?

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Hi @Dani,
Welcome to the forum! First of all, we always recommend using the latest available version (3.9.0). There is a bug in coastal vulnerability 3.8.9 that’s fixed in 3.9.0 (see the changelog: invest/HISTORY.rst at 3.9.0 · natcap/invest · GitHub)

  1. Landmass is just the land area. The model uses shore points that are interpolated along the outline of the landmass polygons, so they should represent the shoreline.

  2. I’m not quite sure what you mean. The bathymetry data can come from direct measurement and/or estimates and models. Anything will work as long as the values are negative, though obviously the more accurate your inputs, the more accurate the model will be. Did that answer your question?

on the bathymetry, I used the arcgis with the interpolation tool - topo to raster, for the data to be more real, because the bathymetry shows in contour lines

I think that should be fine. This page says the topo to raster tool is designed to make a connected drainage structure for hydrologically correct DEMs. I’m not sure how accurate that will be for bathymetry data since it’s all under water.

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I have question about results.
Saw in the Forum about the exposure index and exposure no habitat index, some questions about exposure index use no value habitat, but the exposure no habitat index wouldn’t be that?