Confuse about sediment deposition in the SDR model

I apply the SDR model, and I have a question.
According to the C factor, in my case, the urban area is zero value. Therefore, the soil loss and sediment export will be zero, but i wonder why the sediment deposition provides an amount in that area. From the equation(60) of sediment deposition in InVEST documentation, Fj is the amount of sediment export that does not reach the stream “flux". Should this Fj be zero value? If Ei and usle are zero.
Would you please suggest if I misunderstood?

Hi @MayJi,
Please see equation (61) for the precise definition of flux F. It is defined recursively in terms of each upstream pixel: Fi for a pixel i depends on Fj for each pixel j that drains to pixel i. Also note that the sediment that does not reach the stream, E’i, is added not multiplied. So if it is 0 that does not mean that Fi will be 0.


Thank you for your explanation

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