SDR model - no data for water bodies in Sediment Deposition

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I have all output files of the SDR model, and have been very happy about them. However, what I see is, that there are no data for sediment deposition in the rivers and the lakes, although in reality there are most of the sediments located. How come, and can I do something about that?

The model does not provide values anywhere streams are defined in the streams.tif output. This is mainly because the model does not do any sort of in-stream process modeling, which is very complex. The assumption is that once sediment makes it to a stream it’s potentially a problem somewhere downstream.

If you need to know where sediment is deposited within the stream channel, you’ll need to use a more complex hydrologic model.

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To reiterate Stacie’s point, see the language as stated in the InVEST User Guide, “The InVEST SDR model focuses only on overland erosion, it does not model gully, bank, or mass erosion… Once sediment reaches the stream, we assume that it will be delivered to the catchment outlet; thus no in-stream processes which could increase or decrease sediment loads are modeled.


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ah ok, so many thanks! Cheers. Ingrid

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