Curve number by hydrologic soil group for the Flood Risk Mitigation model

This might be a very basic question but I am a first time user of InVEST and I’m still figuring things out. How do we calculate the curve number, or how do we define it for a particular site? Do we just look at the hydrologic soil group and associated land cover?
I am also having a hard time finding data on the hydrologic soil groups of my study site (The plaine du Var in Nice, France).
Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Hi @EAM07, and welcome to the forum!

We usually find curve number values from a literature search. The values are indeed based on a combination of hydrologic soil group and land cover. Have you looked at the Appendix for the Flood Risk model? It gives pointers to a few global or general sources of both CN values and hydrologic soil group maps. Another place I sometimes find CN values are from local transportation departments, since they often use them for designing and planning infrastructure.

~ Stacie

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Thank you!
Noted, I’ll check the transportation department too :slight_smile: