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I am working with the Seasonal water yield in urban landscapes. For that, I am using the LULC, and one of my doubts is if it is possible to use Curve Number values from the Literature for urban land use and others. I found the “Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds” (USDA) that shows urban land uses values and another paper with values for Forest, Agriculture, and Grassland in the region of my study area.

I know that is a basic question, but I need feedback to be sure that the Literature review is a reasonable strategy to cover this data requirement.



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Yes, you are on the correct track. Literature review is key to confidently parameterizing the biophysical table. We often rely on the USDA’s Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds Technical Release 55 (TR-55) document from June 1986 to reference curve number values. For urban areas specifically, see Table 2-2a (on the 17th page of the linked PDF).


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Hello Jesse

I apologize for my delayed answer!!, and thank you so much for the guidelines. I think I am in the right path :smile:


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