DelineateIT outlet features

Hi all,

I am having trouble delineating watersheds using the DelineateIT tool. As outlet features input I tried to use both the municipality boundaries (King County-WA boundaries) and the river gages point shape file. In both cases didn’t get any error message but the watersheds files produced don’t visualize in Arcmap.

Do you have any suggestions? Any help will be very much appreciated!

Hi @laura78 -

Can you describe more about what you’re seeing (or not seeing)? Are there entries in the output shapefile? Are the watersheds just really tiny? If the outlet points don’t snap to good-sized streams, the resulting watersheds can be as small as single pixels. Look at the snapped_outlets.shp and streams.shp outputs to see if the outlets do lie on stream lines or not, you might need to adjust the snapping distance. And I do believe that only point features are supported currently, not polygons such as municipal boundaries.

~ Stacie