Questions about running Delineatelt

Hi, I’m Xiao.
I had a problem running Delineatelt.

It has been running for a long time, but there are no results. Just like this. I do not know how to solve it. Please help me.

Hi @Xiao_Zhang -

That does seem like a long time to run, but it also looks like your DEM might be over 1GB in size. The larger (or finer-resolution) the DEM, the longer it takes. The screenshot of your Workspace looks like DelineateIt finished the first step (filling sinks), and was still working on flow direction, so the model was still in progress. Did it ever finish running?

~ Stacie

You’re right. The DEM was more than 10 GB. I’ll try again. Thank you.

Hello, can I divide the DEM into several parts and then use DelineateIt to calculate the watersheds, and finally merge several watershed maps together?

I have encountered another problem. The result of operation seems different from the watersheds map required for annual water yield. How should this be solved?

Hi @Xiao_Zhang,
The Annual Water Yield model requires that the watershed features have an unique ID attribute called ws_id. DelineateIt does not make the ws_ids. You will need to add this attribute in your GIS software. Does that answer your question?

Thank you. Do you have relevant instructions for this operation? My GIS knowledge is poor. :sob:

DelineateIt does create a field called id, so you can just rename that to ws_id. Instructions for QGIS:

  • Open the watersheds file in QGIS
  • Right click on the watersheds layer in the Layers sidebar, then click on Properties in the menu that appears
  • Go to the Fields tab
  • Click on the pencil icon to turn on editing mode
  • Click on id in the Name column. Edit it to say ws_id.
  • Click Ok
  • Right click on the watersheds layer in the Layers sidebar, then click on Export > Save Features As…
  • Click on the … icon to the right of the file name field. Choose a folder and file name to save it to.
  • This new watersheds vector should work with AWY.

Thank you very much, I will have a try.

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I can not generate the sub-watershed automatically. The model completes the process but only generates the watershed.
The generation of sub-basins automatically (high density or low density), should be done based on the flow accumulation and snap distance.

this was addressed in another post: