Does the Urban Flood Risk Mitigation model need a watersheds layer?

I’m new here, so sorry if this is a simple one.

This video (23.43 onwards) suggests a watershed vector input is needed for the urban flood risk model

I think this is version 3.8.7

But when start up my invest workbecnh (3.12.0) I don’t see an option to add one. Also the user guide does not mention a watersheds input.

Did it change? And if so how does the model differ if it now doesn’t need watershed deliniation



Hi David, thanks for your question. I believe that input was simply renamed to “Area of Interest”. The polygons in the AOI are used to aggregate & summarize the raster results. I’m guessing it was renamed from “Watersheds” because this model doesn’t actually do any hydrological routing, so the area of interest does not technically need to represent a whole watershed, in the strict hydrological sense. I don’t think any functionality changed.

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makes sense, thanks.

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