Doubts about SDR model

Good day researchers,

I was thinking about the invest model sediment export units.

In the guide, sed_export it is reported as ton per pixel

However, I would like to know if there is a temporal variability such as ton/year.

I’m having difficulties about interpreting these units per pixel, because normally we treat sediment export as a ton per year.

Is it coherent to say that the sediment exported is a total of 1 year?

Thank You.

Hi @MuriloArima ,

Yes, you are correct that sediment export results are provided as tons/pixel/year. As stated in the Introduction of the SDR chapter of the User Guide the “Outputs from the sediment model include the sediment load delivered to the stream at an ANNUAL time scale, as well as the amount of sediment eroded in the catchment and retained by vegetation and topographic features.” And the Sediment Delivery section states, “For each pixel, the model first computes the amount of ANNUAL soil loss from that pixel, then computes the sediment delivery ratio (SDR)…”.

See also, the Annual Soil Loss section and “Time considerations” under Quantitative Valuation which clarifies that, “…the SDR model represents only average annual impacts under steady state conditions.

I apologize that this wasn’t more clear.


cheers jesse, it helped a lot, have a nice week

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