[errno 1] sqlite3_exec ... failed: unable to open database file

Here is error messages I got when I run nature access model:

06/19/2024 15:59:53 pygeoprocessing.geoprocessing INFO all done processing polygon sets for reprojected_admin_boundaries_NLCD_1.gpkg
06/19/2024 15:59:54 osgeo ERROR [errno 1] sqlite3_exec(CREATE TRIGGER “trigger_insert_feature_count_admin_boundaries_NLCD_1” AFTER INSERT ON “admin_boundaries_NLCD_1” BEGIN UPDATE gpkg_ogr_contents SET feature_count = feature_count + 1 WHERE lower(table_name) = lower(‘admin_boundaries_NLCD_1’); END;) failed: unable to open database file
06/19/2024 15:59:54 natcap.invest.urban_nature_access INFO Finished Urban Nature Access Model
06/19/2024 15:59:54 natcap.invest.utils INFO Elapsed time: 38.58s
06/19/2024 15:59:54 natcap.invest.utils INFO Execution finished; version: 3.14.2

Any clues about this? Thanks

I believe I saw over our internal chat that this issue was resolved by closing the shapefile that was open in another application, so I’ll mark this as the solution.

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