Error DEM create slope

Good afternoon, how are you? I have a problem with RouteDEM, more precisely the creation of Slope. I read in the guide that the final values are given as a percentage, but when I do it manually in ArcGIS there is a huge discrepancy in the results. So I’d like to confirm that the Slope data is really given as a percentage because the Slope here varied from 0 to 10,294,088.
Sincerely, thank you.

Hello @Deri and welcome to the forums!

Yes, I confirm that the slope output is really supposed to be a percentage, which should be between 0-100. Pixel values of 10,294,088 sound very strange, possibly even a bug in our slope calculations. Could you share your DEM here so we can take a look?


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Hi @Deri,

Just following up to see if it’s possible you could share the DEM you’re working with? Real world data often times helps us catch and better understand edge cases we might not be handling correctly.



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