Error [Errno2] no such file or directory InVest 3.8.9

Hello again,
I am sorry to bother once more, but I am working on a project with several InVEST models and I am doing the final adjustments…and encounter some issues that I had not found before. InVEST-Seasonal-Water-Yield-log-2020-10-02–12_14_07.txt (13.3 KB) I have the latest InVEST version and I am trying to run the Seasonal Water Yield model. I keep getting this error (see screenshot) and don’t know what it is… I atach the log file. Many thanks for your support!

Hi @luisagalgani -

Since the model is giving a “FileNotFoundError” while “loading number of monthly events”, I’d look at the rain event table Piave_rainEvents2018.csv. The error seems to indicate that it can’t find that file at all. Assuming that it does indeed exist in that folder with that filename, perhaps it’s having trouble with the space in the file path (“Invest layers”)? This doesn’t seem to be a problem with the other inputs, but it would be worth trying changing that folder name to “Invest_layers” and see if it helps. If not, perhaps there’s a conflict with the file being open in a different applicaton? Or is this folder located in some sort of non-local drive (like Dropbox etc)? If so, could you try moving it to a local drive?

~ Stacie

Dear Stacy, thanks a lot. I have renamed the folder as you suggested. I managed to run the model by removing the climate zones raster. I have a question: in the advanced options can I use both Climate zones raster and rain events table or if I use the rain events table per month it is not necessary to use the climate zones raster? From the online guide I did not understand it very well. But I was adding a raster to the model, and by just removing it the model did work…probably there was too much redundant information? Thanks! Have a nice day

Hi Luisa -

You can either use Climate zones and associated Climate zone table OR the rain events table, without climate zones, not both. What may have happened is that you provided the climate zones without required climate zone table, and the climate zone table is what the model was complaining that it could not find. I will try to make this more clear in the User Guide.

~ Stacie

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Thank you Stacie, got it!
Have a nice day!

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