Error HRA model


When I run the HRA model an error message appears related to one of my entry data (a shapefile), but I don’t know what exactly is happened. May someone help me?

Log is attached.

Thank you all!

InVEST-Habitat-Risk-Assessment-log-2019-05-15–11_32_29.txt (2.6 KB)

Thanks for posting. This might be related to the character encoding of the csv file, or possibly special characters in the name of one of your stressors in the csv. If you upload your habitat stressor ratings csv files I can take a look. Or you could try saving those files as “CSV UTF8”.

I also recommend upgrading to the latest version of InVEST ( where the HRA model should handle this better, though it also will require a small amount of re-organizing your input data to use the new model.

Hi Dave! Thank you for the answer.

I couldn´t sav as csv UTF8. But the files are attached:

praia_ratings.csv (510 Bytes)
restinga_ratings.csv (519 Bytes)

Thank you!

Okay I have saved these files with a UTF-8 character encoding. There was a character that was being misrepresented. I think it should be an underscore in ‘urbano_orla’, but if that is not the exact name of your stressor, then you will need to modify that name in these tables.

praia_ratings.csv (502 Bytes)
restinga_ratings.csv (511 Bytes)

If you are near the beginning of your project, I do recommend starting with the newest version of HRA (3.7.0) that I mentioned above.

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Hi Dave!I have changed the name of my stressor so the model running well.
Thank you for all attention.

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