HRA MODEL Value Error

I am having problems with the criteria scores table. The 2 errors are:
ValueError: could not convert string to float: ‘RATING’
ValueError: Criterion could not be opened as a spatial file C:/InVEST/RATING

I hope an answer, thank you very much

Hi @saramontiel , thanks for posting. This is most likely just a problem with the formatting of the criteria CSV. Please upload your CSV files here and we can take a look.

Thank you,

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Hi! Thanks for your attention. I attach the file:

exposure_consequence_criteria1.csv (2.1 KB)

Kind regards

Thanks for sharing your file. I actually had a different problem than you described. This CSV would not be accepted as an input file, due to an issue with the file encoding. I saved it with a UTF-8 encoding using a text editor and that seemed to solve the problem.

exposure_consequence_criteria1_utf8.csv (2.1 KB)

I don’t see any other formatting issues. If this file still doesn’t work for you, please also share your logfile from the output workspace, and all of your input CSV files. Thanks,

Hi! I made some changes to the table and I think it has an error in the format because it won’t let me attach, if you could help me please!
exposure_consequence_criteria1_utf8.csv (2.3 KB)
Thank you!

I think this table has the same problem as the original one you shared. My guess is that when you open this file in Excel and then save it, the encoding changes.

My advice is to start again from the file I shared, and if you must open it in Excel and make changes, be sure to Save As… and choose CSV UTF-8 (Comma Delimited) (*.csv) as the filetype.

If that does not work, you may have to resort to editing the file without using Excel. It is safest to edit these files with a text editor.

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