Error in HRA with dawnloaded sample data

Hello everyone!
I’ve just started learned this software and tried HRA with original sample data as input, then got a error like below. I would like to ask how to solve it.

12/12/2023 01:03:02 natcap.invest.utils Level 100 Writing log messages to [D:\InVEST\output_test_HabitatRisk\InVEST-natcap.invest.hra-log-2023-12-12–01_03_02.txt]
12/12/2023 01:03:02 main Level 100 Starting model with parameters:
Arguments for InVEST natcap.invest.hra 3.14.0:
aoi_vector_path D:\InVEST_sample data\HabitatRiskAssess\Input\subregions.shp
criteria_table_path D:\InVEST_sample data\HabitatRiskAssess\Input\exposure_consequence_criteria.csv
decay_eq linear
info_table_path D:\InVEST_sample data\HabitatRiskAssess\Input\habitat_stressor_info.csv
max_rating 3
n_overlapping_stressors 3
n_workers -1
resolution 1000
risk_eq euclidean
visualize_outputs True
workspace_dir D:\InVEST\output_test_HabitatRisk

12/12/2023 01:03:02 natcap.invest.hra INFO The maximum pairwise risk score for euclidean risk is 2.8284271247461903
12/12/2023 01:03:03 natcap.invest.utils ERROR Exception while executing natcap.invest.hra
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “natcap\invest\”, line 164, in prepare_workspace
File “invest\”, line 470, in main
File “natcap\invest\”, line 548, in execute
ValueError: The stressors in the info and criteria tables do not match:
Missing from info table: Docks_Wharves_Marinas, Finfish_Aquaculture_Comm, Rec_Fishing, Shellfish_Aquaculture_Comm
Missing from criteria table: docks_wharves_marinas, finfish_aquaculture_comm, rec_fishing, shellfish_aquaculture_comm


Hello @Koki and welcome to the forums! This appears to be a bug in how the info and criteria tables are being loaded. We’ll patch this and have a dev build here shortly for you to test.


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Hi @Koki,

Just following up with an interim work around while we get a development build you can try. In the exposure_consequence_criteria.csv table you can lowercase the below highlighted entries. This should then allow the model to proceed.

So those highlighted values should be: docks_wharves_marinas, finfish_aquaculture_comm, etc…

That should work in the meantime!



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I’ve uploaded a version of the sample data that should work if that’s easier as well!

exposure_consequence_criteria_fix.csv (4.3 KB)


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Thank you !
I tried it and solved !!

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