Error in the Urban Flood Risk Mitigation Model

I am trying to run the urban flood risk mitigation model, but whenever I try to upload the Soil Hydrologic Groups raster map this error appears: raster : Dataset must be projected in linear units. And I’m sure that all the files are projected in linear units and they have the same coordinate system. Any thoughts?


I had this error before (different model). There is a good chance your raster has an angular degrees projection instead of a linear meters projection. If you’re in qgis, you can > export raster and change the projection to a UTM projection (I made the mistake of not knowing the projections suffixed with n = northern hemisphere, s = southern hemisphere). The southern hemisphere projection I use is UTM 56 S. A northern example is UTM 33 N.


In addition to @gismat’s excellent suggestion, it’s also possible that your projection is not defined at all. This can also be investigated with QGIS by adding the raster layer to the canvas. Typically, if QGIS isn’t able to locate a projection, it will ask for the projection information at that time.


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