Urban Flood Mitigation TypeError: no supported conversion for types: (dtype('<U32'),)

Dear community,

I am currently running the Urban Flood Risk Mitigation model and I am encountering some errors. I have attached the log file, and it appears that there is an issue with projections. I have tried various solutions, but none of them have resolved the problem.

Thank you in advance.

InVEST-natcap.invest.urban_flood_risk_mitigation-log-2023-05-10–16_22_10.txt (3.8 KB)

Hi @Albegonz , thanks for posting your logfile here. I don’t think those warnings about the projections are related to the error. I’m more concerned about the contents of the biophysical table csv. Could you double check that contents of that table match the requirements described in the User Guide? Urban Flood Risk Mitigation model — InVEST documentation

And if you can’t find any problems with it, please share the CSV here so we can take a closer look.

Thank you,

Exactly, some empty values in the biop table… thanks a lot Dave

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