Error - Seasonal Water Yield InVEST 3.6.0


Im receiving an error during the run of a Seasonal Water Yield model. The main message is “invalid value encountered in divide”. I´m not sure if the error is related to the calculation of the Base flow. On the other hand I don´t know how to open the code line that is shown in the message “File “C:\Users\natcap-servers\jenkins-home\workspace\natcap.invest\label\GCE-windows-1\env\lib\site-packages\natcap\invest\seasonal_water_yield\”, line 435, in vri_op” to see in detail what is the error about.

Attached you can find the log file.

Thank you in advance for the help!

InVEST-Seasonal-Water-Yield-log-2019-04-30–12_37_26.txt (32.7 KB)

Hello, this looks like an error I fixed a while back but have yet to do a formal release for it. If you’d like to try it out, could you use the version of seasonal water yield in this development build?

And aside from bug fixes, it’s much faster. :slight_smile:

Hi Rich,

With this new version the model worked fine and faster.

Thank you very much for your help!


@rich, I am having the same issue as @dierestrepo. However in my case I am using version 3.7.
The model runs fine until this problem appears. I have checked the output files, because the model does produce some output files, but important ones are missing, such as B and B_sum.
I would appreciate some insights into this problem.


I forgot to attach the log file InVEST-Seasonal-Water-Yield-log-2019-10-04–09_49_38.txt (67.3 KB)