InVEST 3.6.0 SWY Error

Hello everyone,

I am receiving an error when running the seasonal water yield model. It is encountering an error regarding the “overloaded function 'Feature_SetField”. I looked up this issue on the old forum but did not see any explanation as to this error. The input data is supposedly correct, as it has been used for a publication by an experimented user.

I have attached my log file as well as the screenshot of the error.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide!

InVEST-Seasonal-Water-Yield-log-2019-04-19–15_57_27.txt (186.4 KB)

Hello @Lcost, it’s hard to say for certain without taking a look at your inputs as well as the logfile (thanks for attaching that, btw!), but we’ve also recently done some work on the InVEST Seasonal Water Yield model that might also address this issue. Could you try the development build below and see if that fixes things?

Let us know if it doesn’t and we can continue debugging from there.


Hi James,

Also running SWY but using a version of Invest you shared yesterday, I encountered the same error as @Lcost. See attached. The new version did solve my prior issue though for which i am grateful.



SWYerror_log.txt (41.0 KB)

Hi @jdouglass,

Running the development build model fixed everything, thank you so much !

Have a nice day,


Hi @jdouglass,

The version you shared with @Lcost resolved the issue. Many thanks!


Great to hear that the latest build resolves the issues encountered in both your cases, @dgw_awf, @Lcost!

By the by, we should have these changes in a full InVEST release soon, probably in the next couple of weeks.