Error when run ROOT model

I am using root model in one of my research project. However, I have problem runing the model using the sample data.

The log for this run and the csv tables are attached below. And a screen shot is as Figure 1. I guess it is the composite factor table. And the table is from the sampe data and look like as Figure 2. So can you help me whith this? Thank you very much!

(Figure 1-3)

I tried repalcing “*” with other math operations and it reports error as well. Or it is because “popchars_prop_poor” is not specified? I tried to replace “factors” with “formulas” as in the user guide, and the model actually recongnize “factors” instead of “formulas”.

Attach the logfile here:

root-log-2023-06-06–16_39_49.txt (7.3 KB)

By the way, I use the root model and the sample data downloaded yesterday from the webpage: ROOT | Natural Capital Project. [at 2023-06-05]

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