Estimating Demand for AWY model


I am looking to confirm if I used the correct methodology to estimate the demand input.

I found the list of cities in my study area and I was able to get the total population per LULC class. Then, I multiplied the average daily consumption by the total population found in each LULC class to get the total daily consumption. Lastly, I multiplied the values by 365 to find the yearly consumption in m³. One thing I am confused about is that InVEST asks for the demand to be reported in m³/(pixel · year).

Should I divide my yearly consumption value by a) the pixel count in each LULC, b) the total area of each LULC or some other way?


Hi @jonathan.pierre -

If you’ve already calculated total population by LULC class, then you can use the first option of dividing the yearly consumption by a) the pixel count in each LULC.

~ Stacie

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