Exporting dataset from Arc gis pro into InVEST software

I want to know how to export the data such s LULC, rainfall erosivity from Arc Gis pro to InVEST software as InVEst only accepts tiff files. I am not able to export some rasters such as the rainfall erosivirty, soil erodibility or LULC without the background value

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The method that you use to create the raster inputs to the models will vary depending on what format the source data is in, so you’ll need to use your GIS skills to figure out what’s needed. For example, if you have a background value that is not valid data, you might use a Reclassify tool to assign all pixels with that background value to NoData.

InVEST does accept other raster formats, but we recommend TIFF because it’s simpler than some other raster formats and very well-supported.

~ Stacie

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Thank you !! I will try using the Reclassify tool

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