GIS for InVEST tutorials

Hey everyone -

We have started creating a video tutorial series called GIS for InVEST with the aim of providing step-by-step, hands-on training for a variety of GIS topics that are frequently encountered when working with InVEST data. At this starting point, we have tutorials for 3 topics (Introduction to Rasters and Symbology, Coordinate Systems, and Biophysical Tables), each of which has a separate video for QGIS and ArcGIS. You can access them for free via our website here.

Our intention is to add episodes over time (which will happen mainly when I or other NatCappers have a little extra time between projects), and the topics that are covered are inspired primarily by the issues most commonly seen on this forum. So we welcome you to use and share the videos that you find useful, and we also welcome feedback about their utility, as well as suggestions for future videos that you’d benefit from. The best way to provide feedback is via this forum, under the Category of Training.

~ Stacie


When will these be created using ArcGIS Pro Desktop? The processing steps for the old ArcMap do not align and our office already converted to Pro. Unfortunately this is not my primary experience and training and I am having trouble adapting the tutorial from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro.

As an example, in the first video, I used the “Build Raster Attribute Table” and the files appeared, but I couldn’t actually view the Attribute Table. This may be very obvious to others, but again, this is only a portion of my overall workday and my organization is just now needing to learn how to work with Raster Datasets. I also teach, and my students, when they have licenses, are using Pro.

Thank you

Hi @afearon -

Yes, even as I’m making them I realize that I’m behind the times still using Desktop as my primary GIS. I’ve been just starting to try Pro and don’t like it much, but your note indicates that I should be making subsequent videos using it. I was hoping that things would correspond easily enough for Pro users, but apparently not. It is concerning that you wouldn’t be able to view a raster attribute table, that’s a function that should/better still be there (it is in my version of Pro).

Thanks for the feedback. Since the videos were created recently, I’m not likely to remake existing ones any time soon, but I will at least create new ones with Pro, and will put it on my ToDo list to consider remaking previous episodes.

~ Stacie