Habitat Quality model running slow

When I second time running this model,and it ran very slowly,just like the picture

Hi @Cindy2009, and welcome to the forum!

What is the resolution and extent of your input rasters? If the resolution is very small, and/or it covers a large area, it can take a long time to work. Also, what is the decay distance for your threats? If the distance is very large, that can also take a long time.

~ Stacie

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I’ll also add that the decay distance in the table should be kilometers (km) not meters. That has sometimes tripped people up.


I made the size was 2*2,and my study area was 700km2.May be I shoule make size bigger.
And,I would like to ask how to set the right decay distance ?
Thank you~

Then how should I make sure the decay distance is KM?

@Cindy2009 the “right” decay distance will depend on the threat you’re modeling, and local conditions related to the threat. So it’s not something that has one correct value, and it’s hard to give specific guidance.

This value is given in the max_dist column of the Threats Table - see the User Guide for more information.

Is 2 meters the original resolution of your spatial data? If you want/need to work with this resolution, the tradeoff might be that it takes a long time to run. If the original resolution is larger than 2 meters, I’d recommend making the pixels larger, since the model will run faster, without losing information. But first, it’s easy to make sure that the max_dist value is set correctly and see if that helps.

~ Stacie

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According your suggestion,I choose different size,and modifie some number,it is usefull~I get it,thank you a lot~