How long does the habitat quality model take to run?

The area that I studied is very large, it’s 210,000 square kilometers. My land use map resolution is 30m by 30m. In general, how long does the model need to run before the results can be obtained?

Hi @JCJC -

If you look at other forum posts, you’ll see that people ask about this frequently. Because of the calculations involved with the threat layers, the model can take a long time to run on large areas, and/or high resolution, and/or lots of threats, and/or large threat impact distances. I suggest giving it a try with whatever quick-and-dirty data you have for your area and see what happens.

~ Stacie

Ok, thank you very much for your answer1

Pay close attention to the Max Threat distances in the table. If you wanted to get a quick run through, you could start by setting those values very low. Those values are tied to the convolutions that take place in the model, which is the computationally expensive piece of the model.

Thank you very much!