Habitat Risk Assessment - very long runtimes

Hello community
I’m new to the habitat risk assessment model of Invest. I have been running the model for about 5 hours now and i would love to know how long it takes

The run time of a model varies widely depending on many factors such as your data, your computer, and settings. The progress logging shown in the model’s tab in the Workbench should give you some idea of how far along it is. You can try increasing the n_workers setting to make the model run more efficiently.

To build on @esoth 's good suggestions, the runtime of HRA will also be affected by the analysis resolution that you choose (coarser = faster runtime) and also the number of combinations of habitats and stressors. The more combinations there are, the longer it will take to run.

Just to confirm, are you still seeing the model progress? Or does the model look like it’s frozen?

@Oluwatunmise In general it is a good idea to choose a very large model resolution the first time you run the model, to ensure faster runtimes and discover any other problems that might arise. Then, once everything works, reduce the model resolution and re-run the model.

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