How can I upload files to the folder "VISUALIZATION OUTPUTS" so I can upload it into the APP WEB?

SUMMARY_STATISTICS_erh_nativo2.csv (608 Bytes)

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If you go to the visualization web app, you can upload the visualization_outputs folder that is located within your workspace to the web application and have it plot your outputs for you.

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have to create it myself, because it does not appear.
and if i have to create it, i have to move the files that the model indicates and after that go to the visualization app.

There is a toggle in the model inputs tab that, when enabled, will create the visualization_outputs folder to be uploaded to the web application. Could you make sure that this option is checked and try re-running the model to make sure that the outputs are created?

This is what the option looks like (in English):


tranks you, helped me a lot

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