How to add a Rank in the attribute table

Hi, please how do a rank in my attribute table. Thanks

Hi @Nomsy -

Please provide more explanation about what you’re trying to do. What do you want to rank? In which attribute table? What kind of resulting values and ordering do you need? In GIS or Excel?

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Hi @swolny
I’m trying to populate the field called RANK in my geomorphology attribute table using ARCGIS.

Hi @swolny
InVEST-Coastal-Vulnerability-log-2023-02-03–16_01_59.txt (5.2 MB)
I got this after running my model, was hoping you could help me make sense of the numbers I see and was wondering if its normal for the model to run “endlessly” and close on its own, this is what I usually experience the few times I have run the model.

To create the RANK field, you’ll need to add a new integer field to the geomorphology shapefile’s attribute table, then Edit the table to add the RANK values of 1-5 for the different shoreline types. There are several ways to do these steps, depending on whether you’re using ArcGIS Desktop or Pro, so I advise doing a web search to find out how to do them in whichever version you’re using. We also provide a video tutorial called Vector Basics, which walks through editing a shapefile to add a new field etc in ArcGIS Desktop. You can find this video on our GIS for InVEST training web page.

~ Stacie

Hi Stacie,

Many thanks! This helped.

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