HRA Show Value Error

Recently, I have learned about the HRA model but I have a problem when trying to run the model. An error occurs which says; ValueError: The following layer does not have a spatial reference or is notprojected (in linear units): C:/Users/Lenovo/Desktop/HRA/1\stressor_layers/S_cm.shp InVEST-Habitat-Risk-Assessment-log-2021-09-09–22_56_21.txt (3.2 KB)

Could you please give me an explanation of why they’re showing like this? thanks for your advance :pray:

Hi @wanny ,

Thanks for your question.

In what projection is “S_cm.shp”? Be sure that the units are linear, such as meters, and not angular, like degrees. If the units are angular, you may need to reproject the shapefile using GIS software.

Spatial data must be in a projected coordinate system (such at UTM), not a geographic coordinate system (such as WGS84), and all input data for a given model run should be in the same projected coordinate system.



S_cm.shp is a shapefile of cargo mooring I will check my data it’s is in a projected coordinate system (such at UTM) or not. Thanks for your reply to me back :pray: