Habitat risk assessment 3.5.0 These datasets are unprojected set

Hi there…all the datasets are projected wgs84…

Hi @ehines -

When you run the HRA model, are you getting the error “these datasets are unprojected set”? If so, when you’re asking about an error, please post the whole log file (.txt) that the model produces in your Workspace - that will give us more information to help understand what’s going wrong.

In this case, WGS84 is a geographic coordinate system, not a projected one. Most of our models require that all inputs be in the same projected coordinate system (such as UTM, but there are many others.) So try reprojecting to a projected coordinate system and see if it helps.

Also, note that the latest version of InVEST is 3.7.0, so you might want to update.

~ Stacie

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