Identificador de la cuenca hidrografica

Hello gentlemen from Invest, I am working with the sediment model and I have a certain problem at the moment before being able to run the model, when entering the limit of the basin an error appears, the error indicates that the ws_id field does not have an integer, It seems very strange to me because I ran the water yield model and I had no problems, but with the sediment model I get this error, I attach a photograph…

@felipeskull are you using exactly the same Watersheds file (limite_chipalo.shp) for both water yield and sediment? If so, it’s interesting that one model would produce an error when the other does not.

Have you looked closely at the shapefile table to make sure that the ws_id field is actually an integer value?

~ Stacie

Hi @felipeskull,

Would you mind sharing the Watersheds vector file in a zip? I can take a look and figure out why there’s a difference between the two models.

~ Doug (27.1 KB)

I attach the vector file so that you can analyze it and find the fault, also if you need the other files to run the model let me know and I will send them

Hi @felipeskull,

It looks like the SDR model is doing some extra validation to ensure the ws_id field is of integer type. The AWY model is not checking this and actually allowing floating type fields through. If you were to open that vector in QGIS and change that field to integer type, it should work fine. You can do this by editing the attribute table and deleting that field and adding a new field but this time having the type be integer.

~ Doug

ok I’m going to try again to see what happens, since I had done it and it didn’t work, I’m going to modify the vector again to see if it works