ERROR The 'key_field' : 'ws_id' column values are not unique: [0, 0, 0, 0]

Hello NaCap team, I want to assess the contribution of each landscape to hydro power production. The hydro power valuation table requires a unique identifier for the hydropower station which must match the ‘ws_id’ value for the corresponding watershed in the Watersheds vector.
The challenge here is that I have a single water shade polygon with ws_id as 0, within which I have four different hydro power stations. How do I solve this issue?
Thank you

Hello @Safari1, and welcome to the forum!

You’ll need to make a separate watershed for each hydropower station. There are many tools for creating watersheds, including DelineateIt, which is part of InVEST. I can recommend using DelineateIt since it’s simple to use and works well. You provide the DEM and a point vector file with all 4 hydropower stations, and the result will be a geopackage with a watershed for each point.

Then you’ll add the ws_id field and give them unique values. You can use that layer as the watersheds input to the model.

~ Stacie

Thanks so much @swolny. This sounds so clear

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