Identification of threat factors

I have a couple of questions about how do you determine the threat factors and how do you determine their maximum impact distance?

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I’m guessing that you’re asking about the Habitat Quality model? Hopefully others will have more guidance, because my response is “expert opinion and literature search”.

Once you’ve determined which species you’re modeling (or perhaps not a particular species, but more generalized natural habitat), you’ll look around the area of interest to see what’s happening there that you (or some other local or species expert) believe to pose a threat. Of course, you can only model what you have spatial data for, so that’s also a consideration. Then you’ll look for studies that talk about the impact distance of those threats, perhaps even studies that used this model.

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One more possible resource is this database of publications that we know of that use InVEST models. It includes which model(s) were used, so you could search for Habitat Quality and see if any of those publications help. This database is about a year old, and is currently being updated.

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Thank you very much!Can these publications be read online?

Each entry in the database includes a DOI, which links to the paper online. It’s likely that some of them are open access, while others are behind a paywall, which you may or may not have access to through your institution.

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Thank you very much!