Incorporating connectivity in ES valuation

Does InVEST allow users to incorporate synergistic effects of ecologically connected habitat types in ecosystem service valuations? Are there any good examples that demonstrate spatially explicit consideration of connectivity (and perhaps other configurations pertinent to landscape ecology)?
Thank you

Kind of. Several models in InVEST have a structure with spatial dependencies in service provision.

Of those that do, I think the only one that includes a valuation component is the urban cooling model.

Some examples of doing what you are after:

Griffin et al. (2020) - Uses nutrient and sediment models to look at marginal value of converting natural lands to developed via changes in water quality

Ricketts and Lonsdorf (2013) - Uses pollinator abundance model to measure marginal crop value of different habitat patches and their ability to provide suitable habitat for pollinators

Both of these use valuation approaches outside of InVEST.


Thank you Robert. That was very helpful.