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I am Giulia Caporale, and I work in the Laboratory of Experimental Oceanology and Marine Ecology at the Unversity of Tuscia, Italy. At the moment, we are using the Coastal Blue Carbon model to predict the carbon stored by Posidonia oceanica meadows. We are trying to understand how carbon emissions formula works (Ep=Dp⋅(0.5^((t−(r+1))/Hp)−0.5((t−r)/Hp)). In particular, we would like to know what the “r” stands for in the equation and how much influence the percent disturbance has in the modelling. We tried to reproduce the emission outputs using the Dp and the Hp used for our inputs file, that you can find attached to this email.

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carbon_pool_initial_template_5_3b.csv (307 Bytes)
carbon_pool_transient_template_5_3f_modificato1.csv (604 Bytes)

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The r in the disturbance equation refers to the transition year.

You might find the “Model Math” section of the CBC User’s Guide chapter especially helpful in trying to understand how the model is doing what it’s doing:

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