Installing natcap.invest python package - shapely issues for Python 3.6


I have a similar issue to the one written about here: Installing natcap.invest python package. I am trying to install natcap.invest using pip, but cannot access a suitable version of Shapely. I have tried the Goehlke build page, but it only has Shapely 1.7 for python 3.6, when invest requires 1.6.4 (<1.7). Does anyone have a saved Shapely wheel that would work?

Many thanks

Hi @EcoEvans,

Here’s an archived wheel we have kicking around for 32-bit or 64-bit:

We’ve been switching over to using Miniconda and conda-forge to help handle our dependencies. One of the reasons is exactly what you’re experiencing in relying on Goehlke builds and having to archive wheels in case they disappear. Thus far we have had great luck with Miniconda and the conda-forge channel being up to date with GDAL, Shapely, and rtree.

Also in the upcoming InVEST 3.9 release we’ll be bumping the Shapely and GDAL versions to 1.7+ and 3.1.2 respectively.