Installing natcap.invest python package

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to install the natcap.invest python package and am getting errors related to GDAL. It looks like it’s failing to build the GDAL wheel, then finds an existing installation of GDAL (version 3.1.2) and uninstalls it, and then fails to install GDAL. From the Windows batch processing tutorial, I think the problem is that the existing installation of GDAL is too recent (it needs to be 2.X rather than 3.X), but I can’t find a GDAL 2.X wheel for python 3.6 and a 64-bit OS. The Goehlke build page only has GDAL 3.X for python 3.6.

Do you know where I can find the correct version of GDAL?

Thank you!

Yep! Christoph Gohlke occasionally takes down older versions of packages rather than leaving them up for posterity, which works fine until there’s a major version upgrade. Here’s the wheel you’re looking for (python 3.6 x64) for GDAL 2.4.1, from a previous archive we took of some of his wheels.

FWIW, we’re actively working towards the 3.9 release of InVEST, which will include support for GDAL 3.x.


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