Instructions for Installation of InVEST 3.13.x Python Package

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Hello there. I don´t if I am looking in the wrong place, but information on installing InVEST python packages for batching of models seems outdated or at least for older versions (3.9.x)

The example for InVEST Python Package installation on seems outdated. Not for current 3.13.x version:

*conda create -y -c conda-forge -n invest391 python=3.9.7 gdal=3.3.1 && conda activate invest391 && pip install natcap.invest==3.9.1

Can you provide an example for installation considering:

  1. Conda or Mamba as package manager
  2. InVEST version 3.13.x (or latest)
  3. Additional considerations when installing on a Windows machine

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What have you tried so far?

Attach the logfile here:

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Hello @JLeon and welcome to the forums! It was great to see you in person a few weeks back.

You’re right that the InVEST API docs are a little out of date in this respect. I’ll update the docs. The easiest way to install natcap.invest using conda or mamba is:

mamba install natcap.invest

That will grab everything needed and will work on Mac (both intel and M1/M2 chips) and Windows (and probably linux, too).

Note that since we have deprecated the Qt interface, there is no UI that comes with the conda installation. The above will install everything you need to be able to write programs that call InVEST models.



Hi James! same, always great to see you all. always inspiring to cross ideas!

I will try it with that straight line in the Mamba prompt in a new Env to see what happens.




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