Interpretation of the numerical results in Flooding Risk Mitigation model

Hi Everyone,

I am proposing a study that use the numerical results from InVEST Flooding Risk Mitigation Model and Stormwater Retention Model together to quantify the hydrological benefits of urban forests, meanwhile comparing the results to that from CNT’s Green Values Calculator (which can calculate the runoff reduction volume in “green scenario” given the study area, LULC info, applied GI info) by ANOVA analysis. I have a few questions:

  1. If I want to summarize all the hydrological benefits of applying certain Green Infrastructure (in this case the urban forests), should I directly add up the results from both InVEST models? or is there any overlapping? Will the models generate a single numerical result for the runoff volume reduced (green scenario vs. baseline scenario)?

  2. To build on the first question, is it possible to use ANOVA analysis in this case? If so, how many scenarios (samples) are typically needed to carry out this analysis?

Your response would be greatly appreciated!