Interpreting the nutrient database

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I am using some of the values found in the provided nutrient database excel sheet in the user manual for the NDR module for my research. For the maximum retention efficiency for each LULC class, the nutrient database refers to a column ‘eff_n’ with values between 0 and 100. Do these directly correlate to floating point values? For example, forest eff_n is listed as 89 in the nutrient database, thus would the eff_n be 0.89? Or do these values need to be converted to floating point values in another way?
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Michelle van Hilten

Hi @michelle.vanhilten -

Yes, you’re correct that a value of 89 would be entered as 0.89 in the biophysical table for NDR. If I recall correctly, there’s a mismatch between what’s given in the database and what’s required by the model because the database was put together a while ago when older versions of NDR required that eff_n be given as 89, but more recent versions of the model require 0.89.

~ Stacie

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That’s great, thank you for the prompt response Stacie!