The "eff_n" is over 1: NDR biophysical table

hi everyone

As my research place doesn’t have any or enough literature about the nutrient load and retention efficiency, i decided to use the biophysical data from the NatCap nutrient data base.

I downloaded the excel file and found that the “eff_n” is 0~99.

However in the InVEST 3.7.0.post37+ug.h1dfee03e6bf8 documentation, it says " eff_n (and/or eff_p ) (at least one is required): The maximum retention efficiency for each LULC class, a floating point value between zero and 1."

why the value of “eff_n” in the excel is over 1?
Is anyone tell me why?

Hi @ayaka -

The values in the nutrient database are likely given in percent instead of decimal, which I think was what an old version of the model required. So a value of 99 in the Excel file would be 99%, and you would enter 0.99 into the NDR biophysical table.

~ Stacie

dear @swolny

thank you very much for your advice!
I could solve the problem