InVEST Coastal Vulnerability Not Producing Final Output, Error Ring-Self Intersection

Hi there,

I have run the coastal vulnerability model a couple times now but it does not produce the final output, only the intermediate result. Every time it comes up with the same error even when I change parameters.

It might be getting stuck on the ‘kelp’ habitats layer because it says INFO transforming ‘kelp’ for a long time, and also ‘ring-self intersection.’ Is the kelp layer the problem? Should I get rid of it, or is the problem something else?

Here is my output:
InVEST-Coastal-Vulnerability-log-2021-10-18–14_33_07.txt (586.7 KB)

Hi @j_kraatz,
Yes, the ring self-intersections are the root of the problem. I would recommend looking at the kelp layer (and your other inputs as well) in your GIS software and try to find and correct the invalid geometries. (Check Validity and Fix Geometries tools in QGIS; Repair Geometry in ArcGIS). However since there are so many of them it could be a bigger problem.


@j_kraatz I’m curious, what’s the source of your kelp data?

A similar issue has come up once or twice when the habitat polygon is created from a very high resolution raster dataset covering a large extent.


Okay thank you, I will try that out

I got the kelp data from here: UC Berkeley GeoData Repository

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