Just released: New NatCap online course

Hi everyone -

I’m pleased to announce that we have just updated and released our online course on edX, called Introduction to the Natural Capital Project Approach.

The course is intended for people who are learning about ecosystem service methodology and modeling with InVEST. It includes introductory concepts, an overview of the assessment process we use when doing projects, case studies, an overview of the InVEST toolset, introduction to several specific models, as well as other technical topics related to assessment and modeling.

Everyone is welcome to take the course. It is online and self-paced. It is also free to take the class, but if you want a certificate of completion, that costs $50 USD.

If you do take the course, please let us know what you think! We hope you find it educational and interesting.

~ Stacie


Hi there

What a coincidence. I have registered to the first level online course today before i saw your post here. I will start the course this evening.

Thank you