Kc values in the biophysical table (Seasonal Water Yield) - results no change

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I have a question regarding the SWY model. Despite updating the monthly Kc values in the biophysical table, the output remains the same regardless of the changes made. Are there any additional steps necessary to ensure that the model recognizes these adjustments?

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Are the resulting raster values exactly the same with different Kc values, or are the values different, but the patterns are the same?

If the pixel results are exactly the same with different Kc values, I wonder if it’s because the model tries not to re-calculate anything it doesn’t need to when running a model multiple times in the same Workspace (for example, if the DEM does not change between runs, there’s no need to recalculate hydrology-related layers like flow direction and flow accumulation, which saves time). Perhaps it isn’t picking up on the fact that the biophysical table has been updated. Could you try changing your Workspace to a new folder, and use that for one of the runs, and see if the results look better?

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Thanks Stacie!

After running the SWY model again in different workspaces, I observed that only the QF layers consistently display identical rasters, while the values of other output data layers vary. It appears that the output values of QF will not be affected by using different Kc values. Does this interpretation seem accurate to you?

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Yes Marcelo, quickflow uses the curve number values, not Kc. You can see the equations here in the User Guide.

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Thansk Stacie! It is very helpful!

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