biophysical table, water yield

Hello, I am gathering the inputs to model “water performance” I would like to know where I get the CSV file. biophysical table. Is there a default table to use? or do I need to modify it? If it must be modified I have to use a reference, in that case which one would be used. I appreciate the answer or support that you can give me.

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Hi @venuz , thanks for writing in to the Community Forum.

Are you trying to use the Annual Water Yield (AWY) or the Seasonal Water Yield (SWY) InVEST model?

Either way, the Biophysical Table needs to be populated by the user with values specific to the location of your analysis. There are example tables provided in the sample data downloadable from here. Please be aware that for AWY, only the lucode, root_depth, Kc, and LULC_veg columns are needed. (The other columns in “biophysical_table_gura.csv” are for a different model.) These examples are from a small watershed in Kenya, named Gura. You will need to adjust the values for your specific area of interest.

Recommended data sources for populating the Biophysical Table are provided in the appendices of the InVEST User Guide, beginning here for AWY and here for SWY. We strongly recommend reading the User Guide carefully before using any InVEST model. Notice that for your Biophysical Table, two of the key data sources are the FAO 56 guidelines by Allen et al. (1998) and Chapter 9 of the USDA Handbook: (NRCS-USDA, 2007). But, if available, any local data or knowledge should be incorporated into your parameter selections.

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Thank you very much for answering, I took your suggestions into account. I already ran the model and everything is fine.