Localizing InVEST - adding site specific data

Hi - in order to supplement use of large (coarse) datasets, is there a way of inputting data obtained directly from filed data collection.
For instance, I wish to set up an ES analysis for a small forest park c. 25 acres. I have collected soil samples (and obtained data for Total C, N, bulk density, macroporosity as well as eDNA sampling for soil biota). I would like to add this information to nationally available raster-based data in order to give me more site specific ES performance information.
Many thanks

Hi @Minton71 -

In general, it is fine to use either coarser datasets or field data in InVEST (or to mix coarse and fine data within a model run), as long as they are formatted correctly, have the correct units, etc, as described in the User Guide.

As for combining coarser data with field data within the same dataset, that’s also fine to do, you’ll just need to do some GIS work to combine them. For a recent project using the Coastal Vulnerability model, we had finer data for habitats within only part of our study area, so I combined these fine data with coarser national datasets to create the layers used in the model.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the resolution that the model outputs will have, so it might be best to resample your coarse inputs to have the resolution of your field data (if the field data is higher-resolution). And if you’re combining coarse and field within the same dataset, you’ll want to use the highest resolution of all of your inputs for creating the layer, so you don’t lose field data detail.

~ Stacie